25 October 2012

My Real Ghost Stories

Halloween is just around the corner and uso nanaman ang mga kwentong kababalaghan. I have numerous "Ghost Stories"-- things that I have personally experienced. There may have been scientific explanations for all my experiences. Nonetheless, they scared the hell out of me when they happened. 

The Statue 

My grandmother is a devout Catholic who collects religious images. On our family altar stands a 4-foot hardwood depiction of the crucified Christ, a 3-foot stone statue of Jesus and his Sacred Heart, and several statues of saints. We have a commanding 5-foot tall statue of Sto. Nino in our living room. There is at least one image of Jesus and Mary in all the bedrooms. On my wooden dresser in my room is a foot-and-a-half tall Sto. Nino de Cebu made of dark wood with a metal base.

The Sto. Nino in my room looks similar to this.
Photo © SantoNinodeCebu.org
After dinner, as I was preparing to study, I heard a noise-- like something heavy scratching on wood. I looked for the source of the noise, and my eyes went to the Sto. Nino. The whole statue was moving as if it about to topple over. Suddenly, the imaged moved on my dresser as if Sto. Nino was trying to run only his feet were stuck on the base! Sto. Nino 'ran' the length of my dresser. Twice! Not only was I seeing the statue move, I heard it moving over the surface of the wood-- scratching and dull knocking sounds. The statue then returned to his original position. 

Still in a state of disbelief, I looked through the doorway where I can see my parents watching the television in their room.

I took a deep breath and ran. I ran the fastest 5 meters of my life. I was scared as the statue was on my dresser just beside the door. Eh, paano kung tumalon si Sto. Nino sa likod ko?! 

I did not tell my parents why I ran to their room, I just told them to keep the doors open through the night. 

The next morning, I told my family of the events of the previous night. While my parents and my grandmother interpreted it as a miracle, I was just too scared to have the statue in my room. 

I had the statue removed from my room the next day. The helpers found that the top of my dresser was dusty... and there were track marks on the length of the top of the dresser as if someone moved the statue.

The Woman/Girl on the Chair 

I inherited my mother's old study desk. In the old days, they make them study desks big and with shelves. With the desk, I had a standard swivel chair. Positioned by my bed, the desk and chair were my weapons for studying long hours.

One night, I decided to turn in a little before 10 o' clock as I had a class at 7 in the morning. 

I had my night light on and the door was open so I could see my parents' room. (I don't lock my door as it is my mom's habit to sprinkle holy water in our rooms every night after her night prayers. Only then will she lock my door.) As her routine goes, at that hour my mother was watching the television. 

I was trying to sleep but I kept tossing and turning in my bed. It was only 10 o'clock-- rather early for any college student. As I shifted my position to face my desk, I saw a woman with long, curly black hair wearing a white, lacy dress seated on my swivel chair. I stared at her and blinked. The woman on the chair was replaced by a girl about 5-7 years old. She also had long curly hair and was also wearing white. I blinked again and the woman reappeared on the chair. Every time I blinked, the person (?) seated on my chair transformed. Woman. Girl. Woman. Girl. Woman. Girl. 
Photo Credit http://www.gutenberg.org

I ignored the spectre on my chair and pulled my blanket over my head. Suddenly, I felt my blanket being pulled from the end of the bed! The edge of my blanket was on my chest when I decided to pull it back. I felt something tug back on the other end of the blanket. I tried to pull again, still something was pulling back. I let go of the blanket I saw my blanket move down to my waist. That's when I ran to my parents' room.

Again, I requested that they do not close our doors through the night. I slept with the light on.

(Top: Paranormal Activity scene about the blanket hits so close to home, I still refuse to watch that movie alone.)

Nightmare (?) 

One night, my mom had me sleep in their bedroom as my dad was out of town. I felt that my mom and I had been asleep for several hours when I woke up and felt something heavy on top of my stomach. I opened my eyed and I saw a dark human-like figure on top of me. It took my wrists and held them over my chest and pressed its weight on me. I struggled to get the thing off me but it was tightly holding my wrist with its long fingers. I felt its long nails on my skin. I was sure I was calling on my mom who was sleeping beside me but she wouldn't budge. I was able to kick her and was able to wake her. She turned on the lights and the figure disappeared.

I saw my mom shaking my shoulders and calling my name but I couldn't move. My eyes were open but I just could not move. She pulled me up to a sitting position and that's when I came to. I told her about what I assumed was a nightmare.

When we looked at my wrists, there were scratches and red finger marks as if someone was holding my wrists very tightly. 

We looked at the clock and it was 3am. 

We both did not sleep until 4am. She turned on the lights and prayed in front of the little altar in the room. She sprinkled holy water on the bed and at our windows. She put a Catholic medallion around my neck. 

I still have the medallion tied to my bed post to this very day.

I am not a particularly religious or spiritual person. I take all stories on the supernatural, occult or alien abductions with a grain of salt. My stories should also be taken in the same way. This is just an account of what I experienced. Maybe my mind was just playing tricks on me. Whether it was my mind or something supernatural, these experiences scared me. I wrote this for entertainment. I hope those who were looking for ghost stories enjoyed my post. This is my gift for Halloween fans. That is all.

I might write another ghost story post. I still have a lot of experiences. 

For others who had supernatural experiences as well, kwento naman diyan...


Lyra Daganzo said...

scary!!! your mom surely knows there are "others" in your house, if it's her habit to sprinkle holy water every night. take care always, and just keep praying always.

Diane said...

She does. :) She's had her share of other-worldly experiences.

Chi Tomi said...

Creepy! O__O

Harmony Valdoz said...

wow. that last story really creeped the hell out of me. whoa.

btw, I stumbled upon your blog through teentalk :)


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