17 February 2012

Everything at Steak, San Juan, Metro Manila

Everything at Steak Ribeye
At a nondescript location beside a gasoline station “on the other side” of Wilson Street is a cozy steak house with great food, reasonable prices and ample servings.

Everything at Steak is a small casual-dining restaurant with a seating capacity of about 30 people. The set up is very ordinary and only the yellow lights give it a little drama. A drab interior notwithstanding, this steak house it has created a following in Manila over the years. It is because they take their meat seriously than most eateries in their price range.

I ordered the ribeye with the New Orleans rub and pepper gravy. The Rib-Eye is a boneless cut which has excellent marbling and is loaded with flavor and remains tender during cooking. Everything at Steak’s version does not disappoint and I could not believe I’m only paying a little under 200 pesos for it. The New Orleans rub is for those who want a little kick on their meat. Their pepper gravy does not kid around: it has a lot of high quality black pepper in there-- not the kind you buy in little plastic packets stapled on a strip of cardboard. 

Everything at Steak Ribeye

Lamb is a bit of an acquired taste; Sheldon Cooper of the Big Bang Theory described it as “meat that tastes like sweat”. I have cooked lamb steak for J before and he’s quite familiar how lamb should taste like and actually likes it. It's been a while since we had lamb so he ordered their lamb steak.

The lamb steak, also priced 195 pesos, was smaller than my ribeye which isn’t surprising as lamb is more expensive than beef (at least here in Manila). However, the lamb was cooked drier than I would have liked. J ordered the traditional mint sauce for the lamb but it was not available so he settled for the mushroom gravy. J thought that the lamb was too greasy on the tongue.

Sad looking Lamb Steak

Everything at Steak Lamb Steak

Every main course order at Everything At Steak comes with your choice of side dish and a cup of plain rice. A set costs around 200 pesos. 

Everything at Steak Menu

Main course choices: T-bone, Ribeye, Less bones chicken (deboned quarter chicken), New York Steak, Lamb Ribs, Lamb Steak 

Marinades: New Orleans Rub (spicy), Original Marinade 

Sauces: Original Mushroom Gravy, Peppercorn Gravy, Barbecue, Mint Sauce, and Country Style Gravy 

Sides: 2pcs fried egg, 2pcs garlic bread, garlic rice, grilled corn on the cob, coleslaw, meatball pasta, chorizo carbonara, mac n cheese, french fries, twister fries, mashed potato, potato wedges, twiced baked potato, potato salad

Everything At Steak is located at 5 P. Guevarra corner V. Cruz streets, San Juan.


Berylle Kaye Hong said...

Their steak selections are really affordable.. serving looks big too :)

reyah said...

affordable and near to my place... i want to visit and try this one day.

Diane said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Berylle and Reyah. :) You guys should try it. I want to go back to Everything at Steak to try their Ribeye again just to see the consistency of their product.

Super Bratinella said...

yeah!this one is a must try...


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