08 October 2011

Sinful Colors Professional San Francisco

It has been a while since I wore nail polish. It took me a while to adjust to my work that I neglected my blog, my nails, and everything else that I enjoy. Here's and attempt to blog again. :D
Yesterday, while cleaning the house, I came across bottles of nail polish given to me by relatives from Canada. My relatives seem to think that I have a serious addiction and sent me at least 15 bottles of polish, most of them from Sinful Colors Professional.

Sinful Colors is a drugstore brand from Walgreens in the US. A bottle retails about $1.99 or around PhP85. Quite cheap in the US but may be considered mid-price in the Philippines. 

The color I swatched is Sinful San Francisco or #802. In the bottle, it is a dark, shimmery emerald green. 

On the nail, it dries a shade lighter than what is in the bottle. 

San Francisco may be considered a good Christmas Season polish. It’s that glittery, deep green commonly seen in Christmas glitter. 

Sinful Colors’ formula tends to be sheer but San Francisco has good coverage compared to their other colors. It takes forever to dry, as expected of this brand.

Sinful Colors is not available in the Philippines. Best bet is to order online, buy from online sellers or from Ebay. 


kath said...

nice color! :)

laarni lopez said...

green is my favorite color! although, i have a different color on right now.. maybe next time.

saw your blog through GT, sis :)

check out my blog :)


Erika Amor said...

Nice shade! True, Christmas-y nga. Makapagpabili nga sa relatives abroad, hehe.

Thanks for sharing!

Diane said...

Thanks for visiting, sisses. :)

@Erika, magpabili ka rin yung mga limited ng Wet and Wild. Maganda rin yun and cheap.


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