20 March 2011

Ha Yuan The Kitchen

Maki Mi from Ha Yuan
I've mentioned Ha Yuan and its Maki Mi before. However, that post did not do justice to one my favorite eateries.

I grew up eating Ha Yuan at the Food Court of SM Cubao at its Basement. Due to our home's proximity to SM Cubao, we were there almost every week, and almost every time I would get either taho (soy curd and tapioca with syrup), the Beef Noodle Soup, or the Maki Mi.

Sometime in the late 90s, the Cubao Branch was replaced by another eatery and I lost my beloved Ha Yuan. During my mother's routine check ups at the Capitol Medical Center, we find Ha Yuan The Kitchen nearby but never got to drop by and eat. Years later, I visit Ha Yuan The Kitchen, now with a husband in tow, to eat an old time favorite that my palate never forgot after all these years.


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