05 February 2011

What's Cooking: Vegetable Kebabs and Pork Belly

For our third wedding anniversary, I bought for my husband a small charcoal grill from Ace Hardware. And because my husband  went on a vegetable shopping spree from his recent out-of-town trip, we had a bunch of vegetables in our fridge just pleading to be grilled.

On a side note, this is the first time I tasted fresh button mushrooms ever in my life. They're so expensive here in Manila so I never bother to get them. My husband got a kilo of them for 80 pesos! All I can say is that, once you go fresh, you'll never want to go back to the canned version. How I wish our budget would allow us buy fresh mushrooms every time.

No special ingredients here. I bought a packet of McCormick Steak Rub and mixed it in Canola oil. I coated the vegetables with the mixture and went straight to the grill. As I was waiting for the vegetables to cook, I whipped up some Aioli by mixing finely chopped garlic with mayonnaise and all purpose cream. 

Liempo on the Grill
Because my man wanted his meat, he bought some slices of pork belly from the local market. I just brined it for an hour and slapped it on the grill. No frills just liempo with slightly charred edges. Mmm. Carcinogens.

I'm thinking of other stuff to grill the next time. T-bone steaks perhaps?

Photo credits to the hubby.

Bonus recipe:
Mix approximately of McCormick Adobo Powder to about 2 standard cups of sour cream an you have got a delicious garlicky dip for vegetables done in 2 minutes. How cool is that? Dip recipe credit to my co-member of a chorale I am part of. 


Chew On This said...

My bf wants the same thing. We looked around the mall and found one that we like most but it's still out of our budget. I hope we could buy one soon. I would love to make something like your kebabs.

Diane said...

Sis, this grill costs only 1,200 pesos or so. I saw the same grill at Handyman and they were selling it for 2,700! Taga!

There's something about men and cooking their meat on open fire no?lol

[cookiespink] said...

I wanna try those kebabs!! :D

Diane said...

@CookiesPink, thanks sis! It's sooo easy to make. What's hard is to start the charcoal to burn. lol

Yagi said...

YUMMY<3 I remember this from some game, I forgot what game. XD And I've always wanted to try one since then. :)) XDDD

Madz said...

Yummy looking kebabs sis! My BF and his family grill BBQs almost every weekend pero either pork or fish, gusto ko naman ng vegetable kebabs!


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