19 February 2011

What's Cooking: Fresh Young Corn and Burgers

It was one of those lazy weekends when we were bored and absolutely had nothing to do. When you have nothing to do, it means it is the perfect time to fire up that grill to cook some meat.

I bought a couple of ready made burger patties from Rustan's Supermarket. They have a pretty decent prepared-meat selection. I've tried a couple of Rustan's prepared meat products and totally worth the price. 

(SM, although cheaper, is just disgusting most of the time. I've had a couple of bad experiences with SM's ready-to-cook meats that I've totally given up on them. Blech.)

Each of these babies are about 25 pesos each.

At this point I should say that I am way better at starting the charcoal than my hubby. Isn't that supposed to be some manly instinct? He uses an electric fan to get them to burn. I'm old school so I used a friggin' pamaypay (fan) and I got 'em burning evenly in 10 minutes.

I usually close the lid of the grill to enclose the smoke and to get a higher temperature while I use the fanning the charcoal through the air holes. When I felt I had enough heat with the coals burning a bright orange, I slapped those patties on the grill. I hear a sizzle and was happy. However, I think I turned my patties too early  . I did not get those criss-cross grill marks that I wanted.

With the patties are young corn, the last of my hubby's vegetable panic buy. I just coated it with some salt and put them on the grill. I burned about half a dozen of them as they fell into the charcoal pit. 

I made mushroom gravy using fresh button mushrooms. 


bachuchoy said...

yum! kakagutom sis. LOL. i wish i could also do that during my nothing-to-do moments. sadly, i can't. i wasn't blessed with cooking knowlege, be it grilled or fried. :-(

realmofadreamer said...

wow! sarap naman... and another post about corn. I'm definitely going to buy corn later. sobrang nagccrave talaga ako

Diane said...

@bachuchoy, practice lang sis. but if all else fails,humanap na lang ng magaling magluto. That's what I do when I'm too lazy to cook. I have my suki karinderya nearby. :D

@realmofadreamer, it's a sign sis. lol. ako naman ilang araw ko na iniisip kung ano lasa ng binatog. I've never eaten binatog ever. I never had the chance to. I have to look for someone selling good tasting binatog. I don't want to be disappointed with my first binatog experience.

mav said...

I usually buy sausages from Rustan's. Nakakagutom naman ang mga photos! :)

RoSe said...

Isa sa mga favorites ko ang grilled foods. Ang saya naman and you were able to grill burger patties talaga. Hmmm, might as well try that one of these days.

Diane said...

@mav, you gave me an idea what to grill next time: hungarian sausages!

@rose, me too. I love grilled food. However, I need to control. Carcinogenic kasi yung burned parts. Nasa lahi namin ang cancer. :(

Madz said...

Hehe dapat yata sis yung larger corn na lang na ni grill ninyo para walang mahuhulog sa charcoal :P

Naku it's been a looong time since I had grilled corn, kahit mostly itim itim sya it's always a winner for me!

Chew On This said...

heheh! sis, dami ba nasayang na baby corn? looks good from here. I wish we had our own grill at home. My bf would love that.

Diane said...

*groan* sinabi niyo pa, mga sis. young corn is a biatch to grill. I should have put it on skewers. I lost a total of 4 baby corn to the coals. lol

[pinkc00kies] said...


rjs mama said...

looks sooo delish!

hoping you can follow and link up if you haven't yet =)
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