12 February 2011

Site Renovation

Hi. As you have noticed, I have no new posts as of the moment. However, I do have a new look for my blog. My previous template had nothing to do with a a cluttered desk so I decided to look around for other designs. There are a lot of nice lay-outs for a desk environment template but I decided I still want to use Blogger's Template Designer for my lay-out. What I did was the background picture. This was pure blood and sweat on Photoshop. Best viewed NOT on a netbook. lol. For those who can see, I only still have a few things on my "desk". Come back to my blog if only to see what other things I might add to my messy desk. Oh yes, please let me know if the layout looks weir on certain browsers. I only have Chrome and Mozilla. ;)

1 comment:

Chew On This said...

your layout looks okay in my computer. Congrats on your new layout. Impressed that you made it from scratch... hope to learn how myself someday :)


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