21 February 2011

International Agreements on Climate Change Mitigation

Are the UNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol, Copenhagen Accord effective Global Responses to Climate Change?

Climate Change is an international issue where every nation is a stakeholder. International cooperation is needed to face the creeping effect of climate change. Recognizing this, several international agreements and mechanisms have been put into place.

19 February 2011

What's Cooking: Fresh Young Corn and Burgers

It was one of those lazy weekends when we were bored and absolutely had nothing to do. When you have nothing to do, it means it is the perfect time to fire up that grill to cook some meat.

13 February 2011

Philippines: A Fragile State Vulnerable to Climate Change

Pasig City Flood During Typhoon Ondoy / Ketsana
Photo from post-ondoy.blogspot.com
A fragile state may be characterized by weak state institutions, unstable political arrangement and internal armed conflict. In these times of climate change where risk hazard for citizens are increasing, fragile states may find their problems intensify. A fragile state has minimal or no mitigation and adaptation policies for the effects of climate change, and in the event of a calamity, will most likely fail to deliver basic services to those who need it. 

The Philippines is an example of a fragile state. State institutions are inefficient, laws are not taken seriously by its citizens and more than 4 decades of armed conflict that challenges the legitimacy of the state itself.

12 February 2011

Site Renovation

Hi. As you have noticed, I have no new posts as of the moment. However, I do have a new look for my blog. My previous template had nothing to do with a a cluttered desk so I decided to look around for other designs. There are a lot of nice lay-outs for a desk environment template but I decided I still want to use Blogger's Template Designer for my lay-out. What I did was the background picture. This was pure blood and sweat on Photoshop. Best viewed NOT on a netbook. lol. For those who can see, I only still have a few things on my "desk". Come back to my blog if only to see what other things I might add to my messy desk. Oh yes, please let me know if the layout looks weir on certain browsers. I only have Chrome and Mozilla. ;)

05 February 2011

What's Cooking: Vegetable Kebabs and Pork Belly

For our third wedding anniversary, I bought for my husband a small charcoal grill from Ace Hardware. And because my husband  went on a vegetable shopping spree from his recent out-of-town trip, we had a bunch of vegetables in our fridge just pleading to be grilled.

02 February 2011

Patchi Chocolates, Bonifacio High Street

Rocher Lait from Patchi

Patchi Chocolates from Beirut found its way to the shores of the Philippines, onto my desk and eventually, to my ever excited taste buds.


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