10 January 2011

Random Food Post

Serenitea Chicken Chop
There's a huge gap in the archives of my blog. I failed to for about 3 months. However, that does not mean I failed to document about things. I like to go to places and I like to sample dishes from that place, especially those unique at that particular place. I'd like to share some pictures of those things that I liked.

I got rid of my Nokia E72, the phone that took these pictures. I switched to BB and now, I kinda miss the powerful camera on the E72. Now I have to rely on my hubby's Nikon DSLR for our food pictures.

Serenitea Bubble Tea
Serenitea isn't something new. Serenitea is one of the first bubble tea players in the country. You can choose from their wide selection of teas and they will brew it just after you order. Yes, there must be some sense of zen waiting for your (bubble) tea to be done. That's why you have to wait at least 10 minutes to get your order. You may also adjust the sweetness of your tea: 0, 25, 50, 75 or 100 percent. Pictured above is their snack, chicken chop which ia a steal for around 50 pesos or so. It is a deep fried skinless piece of meat with breading. Simple enough, right? But so delicious. It is peppery and the fried basil that comes, I assume, as a garnish also does well with the chop.

I would recommend this as an alternative to coffee. However, the shop itself isn't at all like the coffee shops that you can lounge around. I know of 2 branches, one at Banawe and one near N. Guevarran in San Juan (right across Ristras)

Ramen Bar Table Setting

Ramen Bar

Sloooow cooking at its finest. Making noodles from scratch; Boiling the broth for 20 hours; Marinating the egg for 48 hours. Ramen Bar is located at the Ground Floor of Eastwood Mall.

Fleur de Lys Fountain of Youth
Fleur de Lys is listed as one of the best places to get dessert in Quezon City. I love Nuts About You, their macadamia tart but I never got a photo of it. This is Fleur de Lys' rendition of a chocolate cheesecake. F.L.P Bldg.305 Tomas Morato Ave., Q.C., beside what used to be Popular Bookstore, now Army Navy.

Fiona's Frozen Brazo from Parvati
Parvati Home-Made Dessert Shop is a one-stop shop selling products of home bakers and I am a big fan of Brazo de Mercedes and the frozen rendering of my favorite dessert sends me into girlish giggles. My brother and I looove it! Parvati Home-Made Dessert Shop is located at the Mindanao Lobby of Trinoma Mall, Quezon City.

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Madz said...

I really want to try Serenitea and their food. May branch pala in Banawe, I need to drag BF there sometime soon! Totally random food post but all are yummy!

If you have time please visit my blog and follow back, thanks! :)


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