27 January 2011

San San Nail Polish Sea Green

San San Sea Green Nail Polish
As all my recent posts, these are backlogs from last year. I thought I lost these photos when I realized I saved them on my laptop and not the desktop. 

According to stats on my blog counter, San San Polish Sea Green is a unique term searched that led to my blog. I'm sorry that I disappointed those who were looking for swatches; all they saw were the pictures of the bottle of the polish. In case those people are going to be searching for swatches of San San Sea Green nail polish, I hope this post will me more satisfying and useful.

Ignore my dry cuticles please :D

San San Sea Green is a creme polish whose color is very close to Pantone Sea Green but a little more muted, perhaps a little grayish. If these are dupes for any salon brand out there, I do not know as I do not own a lot of polishes (frugal primping, sisters!) but I can say it is along the shades of China Glaze for Audrey.

This nail polish has the tendency to have a thick consistency so I put in a couple of drops off nail polish thinner. In spite of that, it still felt a little gloppy. I ended up with coats that were a bit thick and uneven for my liking. In retrospect, a few more drops of solvent should have given me satisfactory results. Drying time is a bit long which I attribute to the consistency of the polish.

Under lots of sunlight
 San San nail polishes are available for 37 pesos each at all HBC outlets.


Madz said...

That's actually a nice shade sis. What I don't like about local polishes lang is they take forever to dry and chip too soon. :)

Chew On This said...

love the shade it turns to be when it's under sunlight... much better color :)

jasmine109 said...

hello.. i'm your lucky 8th follower.. hope you'll be my first ;) i'm new to blogging. and i love your posts. meron din ako nitong sea green from san san. i love the shade.

Diane said...

@madz and chew on this... it is. on of my fave pero yun nga kind of gloppy so i had to put solvent. This lasted me about 4 days without chipping. That's pretty decent already. I think The Face Shop's base coat helps all of my polishes to last about that long.

@jasmine109, followed you. I"m your 3rd follower. ;)


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