06 January 2011

Low Carbon, Green Growth in the Philippines

Korea’s Green Growth Policy is groundbreaking for East Asian countries. Korea is determined to pursue green growth by heavily investing green economy. It is now a model for other Asian countries who wish to pursue Green Growth. All other Asian countries ask, is it possible in our country?In the Philippines, there are problems that may hinder the country’s path to Green Growth:

The Philippines has no basic national industry to speak of. No heavy industry in the country is dominated by Filipinos. The industries are heavily dependent on foreign investors, thus governmental control can be limited as the priority is to attract more foreign investors. Stringent policies, including environmental regulations and taxation may discourage foreign investors. Thus, the government tends to be more lenient with them.

Leadership in government of the Philippines is highly problematic. With unresolved issues of corruption and self serving interests, a Green Growth policy is unlikely to proper in a political climate such as in the country. Politicians are much too concerned in maintain their positions in government. As green politics is not yet a very popular vehicle for a political career, most politicians still do not prioritize it.

The Philippines has no comprehensive policy for Green Growth. There are separate policies for solid waste management or air pollution. However, no policy encompasses the care for the whole national resource. It also follows that there are no comprehensive plan, at the very least sufficiently fund Green Growth in the country.

The citizenry is also problematic. As a developing country, poverty is rampant in the Philippines. Saving the natural resources and harnessing it to develop the economy is never the priority when a family barely has anything to eat. The priority is to consume products that are cheap. Creating a public opinion in favor of a long term, highly expensive investment such as Green Growth is challenging for a poor country such as the Philippines.

Green Growth is possible in the Philippines if we surpass the hurdles against it. We must have control of our industries to be able to have a stronghold over their production practices. We must have strong leaders with passion for public service to create comprehensive policies for a Green Economy. Sufficient funding must be given for research and development of Green economy and technology. In resolving these factors, a path is created for the citizens to follow; more than an opinion created, an alternative lifestyle is presented, and an easier path for the public to follow.

Korea goes for 'Low - Carbon, Green Growth' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9GNRC7RPUQ&feature=related
Green Growth - Korea's Key to a Better Future http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP6KE-NDDJE


MeMe said...

This is possible only if our government take an effort to established a program that promotes Green Growth. I just hope that Philippines will participate in this kind of campaign program for the sake of environment.

makati office space said...

The Philippine government needs to review its environmental policies.


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