21 November 2011

Try Your Hand at Online Casinos Without Losing Money

With the advancement of communications, one can now safely transact money on the internet. It comes as no surprise then that recreational activities involving money such as online casinos have also sprouted. No need to go to a brick-and-mortar casino to play your favorite games. The internet brings your preferred casino online and playing is just a few clicks away. 

Online Casinos have increased in numbers over the years and developed offers for many users such as casino bonuses such as free chips. One can try an online casino for free without deposit. Online casinos offer a ‘No Deposit Bonus’ and you get to keep your winnings using your casino bonus. However, some online casinos need a certain amount to cash-out your winnings. The Casino Bonus Website has a dedicated page to ‘No Deposit’ online casinos where most of them do not need deposits for the withdrawal of your winnings. Just visit the website and be updated on bonus codes and coupons from your favorite casino spot. You can now try to win without fear of losing money. For the casino veterans, the Casino Bonus website lists their top online casinos with their rates and a direct link to sign up. 

An advantage of the Casino Bonus website is an active online casino-users community who continually updates, and gives honest reviews and recommendations on great deals on online casinos. User groups are made available on the website for more interaction among online casino users.

Visit Casino Bonus to try out their codes and join their online community without the fear of losing money.

08 October 2011

Sinful Colors Professional San Francisco

It has been a while since I wore nail polish. It took me a while to adjust to my work that I neglected my blog, my nails, and everything else that I enjoy. Here's and attempt to blog again. :D

30 June 2011

iPad 2 and my Free Apps

My awesome dad gave me an iPad 2 as a graduation gift. He had my cousin reserve a unit and fall in line for 4 hours on release day to claim it. I received the iPad through my cousin's balikbayan friend. :D 

Image from HardCandy Cases Official Website

20 March 2011

Ha Yuan The Kitchen

Maki Mi from Ha Yuan
I've mentioned Ha Yuan and its Maki Mi before. However, that post did not do justice to one my favorite eateries.

I grew up eating Ha Yuan at the Food Court of SM Cubao at its Basement. Due to our home's proximity to SM Cubao, we were there almost every week, and almost every time I would get either taho (soy curd and tapioca with syrup), the Beef Noodle Soup, or the Maki Mi.

Sometime in the late 90s, the Cubao Branch was replaced by another eatery and I lost my beloved Ha Yuan. During my mother's routine check ups at the Capitol Medical Center, we find Ha Yuan The Kitchen nearby but never got to drop by and eat. Years later, I visit Ha Yuan The Kitchen, now with a husband in tow, to eat an old time favorite that my palate never forgot after all these years.

21 February 2011

International Agreements on Climate Change Mitigation

Are the UNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol, Copenhagen Accord effective Global Responses to Climate Change?

Climate Change is an international issue where every nation is a stakeholder. International cooperation is needed to face the creeping effect of climate change. Recognizing this, several international agreements and mechanisms have been put into place.

19 February 2011

What's Cooking: Fresh Young Corn and Burgers

It was one of those lazy weekends when we were bored and absolutely had nothing to do. When you have nothing to do, it means it is the perfect time to fire up that grill to cook some meat.

13 February 2011

Philippines: A Fragile State Vulnerable to Climate Change

Pasig City Flood During Typhoon Ondoy / Ketsana
Photo from post-ondoy.blogspot.com
A fragile state may be characterized by weak state institutions, unstable political arrangement and internal armed conflict. In these times of climate change where risk hazard for citizens are increasing, fragile states may find their problems intensify. A fragile state has minimal or no mitigation and adaptation policies for the effects of climate change, and in the event of a calamity, will most likely fail to deliver basic services to those who need it. 

The Philippines is an example of a fragile state. State institutions are inefficient, laws are not taken seriously by its citizens and more than 4 decades of armed conflict that challenges the legitimacy of the state itself.

12 February 2011

Site Renovation

Hi. As you have noticed, I have no new posts as of the moment. However, I do have a new look for my blog. My previous template had nothing to do with a a cluttered desk so I decided to look around for other designs. There are a lot of nice lay-outs for a desk environment template but I decided I still want to use Blogger's Template Designer for my lay-out. What I did was the background picture. This was pure blood and sweat on Photoshop. Best viewed NOT on a netbook. lol. For those who can see, I only still have a few things on my "desk". Come back to my blog if only to see what other things I might add to my messy desk. Oh yes, please let me know if the layout looks weir on certain browsers. I only have Chrome and Mozilla. ;)

05 February 2011

What's Cooking: Vegetable Kebabs and Pork Belly

For our third wedding anniversary, I bought for my husband a small charcoal grill from Ace Hardware. And because my husband  went on a vegetable shopping spree from his recent out-of-town trip, we had a bunch of vegetables in our fridge just pleading to be grilled.

02 February 2011

Patchi Chocolates, Bonifacio High Street

Rocher Lait from Patchi

Patchi Chocolates from Beirut found its way to the shores of the Philippines, onto my desk and eventually, to my ever excited taste buds.

27 January 2011

San San Nail Polish Sea Green

San San Sea Green Nail Polish
As all my recent posts, these are backlogs from last year. I thought I lost these photos when I realized I saved them on my laptop and not the desktop. 

23 January 2011

The Global Warming Skeptics and The Great Global Warming Swindle

The documentary “The Global Warming Swindle” was made by Martin Durkin, an environmentalism skeptic. Durkin raises several points about the increasing awareness and militancy regarding environmental issues: 

1.) That the warming we are experiencing now is part of the Earth’s natural cycle
2.) Carbon Dioxide does not cause global warming; Carbon Dioxide is the product of global warming
3.) Global warming is not caused by human activity
4.) The Green Movement is a socio-economic and political plot. [1]

19 January 2011

15 January 2011

Philippines, REDD-y or Not?

Photo credits to http://www.asb.cgiar.org/drupal/content/redd-alert

REDD or Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation is a long term program to lower green house gases emitted from deforestation and forest degradation. Deforestation is the permanent removal of forests and withdrawal of land from forest use. Forest degradation refers to negative changes in the forest area that limit its production capacity. REDD puts value for the carbon stocks in forests. REDD Plus includes the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks giving incentives to those with relatively intact forest areas, such as developing countries, to take care of their land.

10 January 2011

Random Food Post

Serenitea Chicken Chop
There's a huge gap in the archives of my blog. I failed to for about 3 months. However, that does not mean I failed to document about things. I like to go to places and I like to sample dishes from that place, especially those unique at that particular place. I'd like to share some pictures of those things that I liked.

06 January 2011

Low Carbon, Green Growth in the Philippines

Korea’s Green Growth Policy is groundbreaking for East Asian countries. Korea is determined to pursue green growth by heavily investing green economy. It is now a model for other Asian countries who wish to pursue Green Growth. All other Asian countries ask, is it possible in our country?

The Role of Public Administration in Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Liljelund presents that climate change is related to the structure of human society and its relation to the environment. In this statement, politics is highly related to climate change. Climate Change is a public concern and therefore must be addressed by the public, particularly its largest institution, the government. By far, the government is the country’s largest organizations; encompassing and has the monopoly of legitimate violence to compel the public to follow its policies. The government has the strongest political power to introduce radical change needed in mitigating and adapting to climate change. 


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