19 September 2010

Apartment Living: Clean Up Before the Move

Before (right) and After (left)
My husband, my brother and I are moving to a new apartment and we are at the clean up stage before the actual move. We got a rather big townhouse for a reasonable price. However, the house is badly maintained in terms of cleanliness which is a shame. If I had a house, I would maintain it even if I am renting it out. 

We spent half of the day cleaning the bathroom and the Master's bedroom. I poured a small bottle of muriatic acid over the marble tiles of the bathroom, yet it still has those icky black stains. I think it still calls for another bottle. Will take a picture of that before our cleaning treatment and the after product. I like a good cleaning challenge. 

I got down on my knees to scrub the vinyl tile of the Master's bedroom with detergent and it is still not as white to my liking. I am considering spraying the floor with diluted bleach or using a rubbing compound on it although the latter is a little expensive. 

In the next few days, I have another bathroom and the kitchen to clean. I need more muriatic acid, bleach, detergent and elbow grease.

Do you have a recommended cleaning product for cleaning in your house? 


Anonymous said...

How about good old vinegar sis? Isn't it one of the most versatile and easily available cleaning agents? :)

The Nerd said...

I hope so,sis. Will try vinegar. I'm also considering baking soda. They say it's a bleaching agent also.

Anonymous said...

ang trusted cleaning materials ko are the following: Domex, Ariel and baking soda :) oh, Lysol is also classic request. :) hope you get some help. I tried cleaning a home for money before... my goodness! sobrang sakit ng katawan ko. Una kong binili: Mefenamic acid :) I cleaned small apartments before... nung tina-try ko if okay business yung parang they'll call and we'll go to their house to clean for one day. sobrang hirap pala ang maging katulong talaga. I now have new respect to our maids.

Rain said...

Sad to hear. This shouldn't happen if only the house is well-maintained.

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Dreatori Alexis said...

Scrubbing your toilet like that won't really get things done pretty quick. Use a warm water, pour liquid detergent and soak your floor with that solution. Wait for 15 minutes and scrub away.
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