19 September 2010

Apartment Living: Clean Up Before the Move

Before (right) and After (left)
My husband, my brother and I are moving to a new apartment and we are at the clean up stage before the actual move. We got a rather big townhouse for a reasonable price. However, the house is badly maintained in terms of cleanliness which is a shame. If I had a house, I would maintain it even if I am renting it out. 

18 September 2010

San San Polishes

San San Cloudy Gray and Sea Green
My nails are on nail polish break for 3 weeks already and I'm excited to put on some polish soon. The nail polish break got rid of the yellowish stains but my nails are so short now! I am a nail biter and no nail polish means feasting on my nails. :( I alway have a nail file in my bag so when I can't help myself and take a bite on my nail, I file my nail right away to get rid of the ragged edges. Ragged edges of nails are more yummy, you see. 

But the nail polish hiatus is about to end. I want to grow my nails again to their normal length, and what better way to do that by growing them out with nail polish on them. Tee hee.


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