16 August 2010

Paradoxal Interpretation

Natural Light
My nails for this week is my very own franken. I call it Paradoxal Interpretation. Yes, it is inspired by Chanel's polish, Paradoxal. I did not intend to franken a dupe but I wanted to capture the feel of the Chanel polish. Paradoxal is something of a violet-gray with purple shimmer. I wanted to interpret Paradoxal. This is what I came up with.
(Pardon the photos. It's super cloudy today. Bad day to take photos)

I had an almost empty bottle of clear nail polish. To that, I added Missha Brown (which is similar to Chanel Particuliere), Caress Attraction and Bobbie Dazzle. I don't have exact measurements because I like to swatch on white paper as I adjust. (Note to self: Use small syringe for next Franken). I put in a little nail polish solvent and rolled the bottle like crazy.

The result is a dark taupe-gray with a violet tint with some silver and blue shimmer. On closer look, one can definitely see the shimmer in the polish. The first picture shows you the base color, while the second picture shows you that there is shimmer in there.

With flash
I actually enjoyed frankening. I have another empty bottle and I'm still thinking of a good inspiration polish. Maybe Chanel Jade because I have a couple of green polishes around that shade.

Post your links for your very own frankens. :)

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