07 August 2010

Elianto Alice Blue

Photo taken indoors; Natural light
This is a light blue color from one of my favorite brands, Elianto. Elianto is cosmetics brand from Malaysia.

Elianto is not Big3 free. in fact, the toluene smell can be pretty strong at times, but I put up with it because of the great colors they have.

This color is Alice Blue, a light blue pastel from their regular line. They have an Alice Blue in their Sparkling Diva line.

Like almost all pastels,they are quite streaky to apply. I wish I could say that it gets better by the second or third coat but this polish really challenged me. I tried putting thin coats over thin coats but it has a tendency to drag the coat underneath it even if you dried the first coat,leaving you with bald spots. i tried putting on a rather thick coat but the formula can get a bit gloppy and may go on unevenly on you nail. I needed to put on 3 coats just to make it as even as I can and it looks think on my nail. I have not tried putting in polish thinner but I'm not quite convinced that that will solve the problem.

I've worked with a pastel green from The Face Shop before but that didn't give me as much trouble as this Elianto polish did.

Yes, I am disppointed with this polish but I like the color. This pastel color is quite striking even from afar. I had compliments both from girls and guys about the polish. I would wear this again if I had the time to make the extra effort to put it on as evenly as possible.

Elianto is still my favorite nail polish brand. It's in the mid-range price; 99 pesos or 2.5dollars per pop. However, nail polish novices should stay away from this pastel color. It can be quite frustrating.

Do you also like Elianto? Tell me about your Elianto polish.


I took off my nail polish note more than 24 hours after its application. I'm just not feeling the thick, uneven polish on my nails.

I put in a couple of drops of polish thinner and the formula is managable now but still streaky.

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