11 August 2010

Caress Attraction

My nail polish this week is from a local company from the Philippines called Caress. As all local polishes, these are not 3-free and are super cheap. A 10ml bottle costs 22.75 pesos or $0.5.

Caress has been around for as long as I can remember. (If you were born in the 80s you know their jingle! Caress, Caress, color every magic moment...) They are pretty accessible as they are available at Watson's and every other department store. Yes, Caress is your local drugstore nail polish.

Caress has a solid foundation of traditional,office- appropriate cremes. The color I got is office appropriate but has that edgy look.

Attraction is a light taupe with a purple tinge. It also looks like it's gray in certain lights.

The formula was a little thin and watery. It has the tendency to flood your cuticles so one has to be careful in the amount of polish you have on your brush. The first coat can be a little streaky but it can be fixed by putting on a second or third coat. I put on three coats.

My peeve with this polish is the cuticle drag. You have to make sure that your polish is dry in between coats. Otherwise, there will be those annoying bald spots near your cuticles.

Overall, I like this nail polish. The color is demure but edgy. Sometimes it looks virginal, sometimes it looks fashionable. This color is unique in the local nail polish scene (oh, the sea of red, pinks and the frosted). It is perfect for women like me who are trying to save money, but may want a unique color on their tips.

In case  you are wondering what's that blue thing on my hand, that's my teddy bear from a McDonald's Happy Meal that my Hubby gave to me about 2 years ago. This bear permanently resides on my dashboard. So, yes, I took the pictures in my car during my break from class as it's the only place where there's sufficient natural light.

What are your local polish recommendations?

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