25 August 2010

Caffe Ti Amo Dark Chocolate Gelato

Dark Chocolate Gelato
Gelato is probably only next to frozen yogurt or froyo as the big thing in Manila food scene right now. Filipinos are big fans of sweet things and we are a tropical country so it is not a big surprise that Gelato is a big hit here in the country.

Gelato (or gelati) is the Italian version of ice cream. It contains the traditional ingredients of ice cream such as milk and sugar. However, unlike ice cream,it has lower butterfat as it does not contain cream. Butterfat content is only at 8 percent or below which makes it a healthier alternative to traditional ice cream.

I recently visited Caffe Ti Amo as it was recommended to us by a friend. The first thing you notice a you enter their store is the glass display of their gelato.

See that spoon? How cute is that?
We ordered cappuccino and a serving of dark chocolate gelato.

Can you see how dark that gelato is? Fortunately, the color translates into that dark chocolate taste. The gelato tastes slightly smoky and bitter, like the real dark chocolate. The texture is very smooth. (A pet peeve of mine for ice cream, frozen yogurt and gelato is ice crystals...)

A serving of gelato costs 80 pesos.

Caffe Ti Amo is located at the Upper Ground Floor of SM North EDSA Annex


J said...

Yikes. Just one branch? :(

The Nerd said...

Hi,J. I searched for another branch but so far they only have one. I think they are planning to open a branch at The Fort.

Traveliztera said...

oh my. i want! but i live so far :(


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