29 July 2010

BNC Bright Pink

This is a BNC Nail Polish which I bought from Nail Up Trinoma for 80 Pesos. The first photo was taken outdoors on a gloomy afternoon. The second photo was taken indoors under a florescent light. The first photo is more similar to real life.

The formula has a tendency to be slightly thick; it is not your 3-free consistency. But that's something that a few drops of polish thinner and a good rolling of the bottle can solve.

This color is similar to the pink from the new line of The Face Shop (which I have yet to take a picture of) but not dupes. The BNC Polish is slightly warmer tone to it than its TFS counterpart.

On my nails:

* coats of TFS Base Coat
* 2 coats of BNC Pink (I'll have to confirm the exact name/number)
* 1 coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine


Anonymous said...

Nice pink! :) How's the drying time on Sally Hansen Mega Shine?

The Nerd said...

Sally Hansen Mega Shine dries pretty quick. Not as fast as my previous top coat,Kiss Glass. I changed brands because Kiss annoys me as it get's thick very fast, I have to add thinner often which lessens the shine. BNC drying time is average. Slightly dent-able at 30 minutes.

Thanks for visiting my blog, sis!

Mrs. Kolca said...

I love pink nail polish. Actually, I love pink things. Haha.

Hi sis! Visiting from GT. Hope you visit me back :)


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