17 October 2007

The Women of "Like Water for Chocolate"

I just want to post this because I'm quite proud of this paper when the rest of my classmates discussed about the romance in the novel. I had to retype this because I only have the original hard copy which I submitted to my professor. This post is slightly altered from the original paper to include my teacher's comments and corrections. Unfortunately, I forgot her name but Ma'am MZM(S?or L?) thank you for your interest in my paper and for the grade. ;)

By the way, 2 days ago was "International Rural Women's Day". This is also dedicated to the women in the countryside.

An Analysis of the Three Sisters in the novel "Like Water for Chocolate" as Representatives of Women from Different Social Classes
(Written for my Humanities I class in 2004)

The novel "Like Water for Chocolate" has been dubbed as a feminist novel since its first release. Set in the middle of the Mexican Revolution (1910-1917 against Diaz and US imperialism) where workers, peasants and natives banded together under the leadership of Villa and Zapata to overthrow the dictator. The author used this setting to explore gender identity, more specifically the females by using the 3 sisters as protagonists, examining how the characters fall into their roles in the revolution, be it in the household (small scale) or in the battlefield (large scale) itself. In this paper, it is the three sisters, Rosaura, Tita and Gertrudis who will represent the women from social classes and how they participated in the small and large scale revolutions.

11 October 2007

Roel Pulido: A Loose Cannon?

A lawyer has been gaining a lot media mileage in the past 2 weeks. Roel Pulido has filed a case against JDV and his son. Then he filed a weak and questionable impeachment complaint at the Lower House against Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. He seems like a loose cannon with his statements and actions. A resounding question is upon us: What happened to Roel Pulido?

The Activist

Roberto Rafael "Roel' Pulido, while taking his undergraduate from UP, was part of the anti-Marcos movement in the early 1980’s as he became a member of Alpha Sigma Fraternity (AS= Alay sa Sambayanan supposedly). Christopher "Kit" Belmonte and Michael "Mike" Defensor were his contemporaries in the Alpha Sigma. He later went on to take his law degree at the Ateneo Law School.


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